Pay per click

  1. Define your goals
    "Key words" are the words that clients use to find your services. The first step to a successful PPC campaign management is a compilation of key words and their analysis.
  2. Focus on customers
    The results of the key word analysis are used to compose a PPC Campaign to target your potential customers. The PPC pay-per-click campaigns is aimed not only to increase attendance, but in particular the acquisition of new customers.
  3. Get orders and benefit
    After establishment, the PPC campaign will provide complete management information; access to statistics; regular reports and information on how your investments were used; and the results of the campaign.

What should you expect from professional management of a PPC campaign?

Managed PPC Advertising

We help you to set objectives based on your business and company website analysis.


Good keywords will bring the users who want your products or services. We do keyword analysis to find the correct and least expensive keywords reflecting your business.


We know media - the advantages and disadvantages. We choose only the most suitable media outlets that have the maximmum ability to bring in customers.

Precisely Targeted and Updated Ads

A part of the PPC administration is optimizing your ads. We test and adjust them in order to reach target customers.

Accredited Google Advertising Specialists

Our product manager,  who will work  on your PPC campaign, holds the title of Google Qualified Advertising Professional.  This is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of PPC advertising management.

We proudly serve Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Gulf Shores and Mobile, Alabama. Feel free to contact us for more information (205) 965-7910.

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