Link Building

A Link is an address on the web. Link Building is strategically placing links to your website on other sites in order to increase traffic.  Inbound links point people to your website from another site. The more relevant the link the better it will be for business.  Relevant links are created with related or similar services and businesses. Link building will increase your company’s prominence with search engines.  The quantity and quality of back links increases site traffic and popularity which  improves your position with search engines. The simple rule applies "The more (quality back links), the better." Link building is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization. IM Castle will build these links for you.

Back Links

Search engines understand back-links as a positive reference to suggest your site. Back links lead to an increase in search results.

Off-page factors can affect the quality of search engine optimization. Back links are considered off-page factors because they are not “on” the optimized pages of your website. These factors include the link quality and cuts off-page. Search engines rank the quality of the linked off-page factors. The most important is Google page rank. Each page within the site has its own rank. When the page refers to another page this increases its own page rank. Back links from sites with a high page rank improve the position of your website with search engines.

Why leave the link building to IMCastle?

We know how — There are certain principles and patterns that distinguish effective from ineffective link exchange. Our experience will make sure your links are effective.

We will find suitable partners —We analyze and assess whether potential partners are suitable for link exchange. The exchange must produce a quality link that will benefit you.

We have an extensive database —We have the information to be able to register your site with online catalogues in The United States and around the world.

We advise you on paid registrations — Some catalogs or portals have a registration fee. We will recommend only the catalogs which offer a price/benefit advantage or are free.

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