Electronic Commerce (also known as ecommerce, online shopping, internet shopping) has experienced explosive growth in recent years due primarily to the ease of shopping from the home computer and the increase in companies doing business through the internet. In 2009, customers spent about $190 billion in online stores. If you are looking for a way to claim your piece of the ecommerce pie, we have the solution. We create e-shops or online stores with the primary goal – selling!

We offer our online store clients:

  • Optimization for full-text search engine (google.com, yahoo.com, etc.)
  • Eye catching and interesting graphics
    • Intuitive adjustable navigation
    • Multi-step Treasury
    • Linking to information systems
    • Multiple language choices and payments in multiple currencies - Internet trading in the U. S. and also in abroad
    • Non-standard method of payment - a payment card, linked to the credit card companies, PayPal
    • Advanced system of discounts - from discounts on the category, the discount for 1 user on a specific product, etc.
    • Loyalty programs for multiple purchases - point system of discounts for the money spent, flyers

There are three basic steps for creating a successful e-shop:

  1. Attract Visitors - We bring interested customers to the site through search engine optimization (SEO) and effective management of pay per click (PPC) campaigns.
  2. Convert Visitors to Shoppers - Customers must find your online store attractive, informative and easy to navigate. We design your store for customer ease in order to increase your profits.
  3. Convert Shoppers to Purchasers - We keep the administrative costs to a minimum so that you may offer the best product prices.

Want to know how it all works? If you are interested in a thriving ecommerce contact us for a personal meeting. We will explain everything about our services and advise you how to successfully sell on the Internet.

We proudly serve Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Gulf Shores and Mobile, Alabama. Feel free to contact us for more information (205) 965-7910.