Is your business tucked away between a pet supply store and a local grocer? Are people constantly calling you for directions because they simply cannot find you? Or perhaps, your business is just not on a main street and often goes unnoticed by travelers and potential customers. Have you considered the creation and installation of a sign or banner? If so, IMCastleLLC is here to fulfill your needs.


Having a sign creates massive boosts in sales for a business. It is not a difficult process. By making a small investment, your advertising dollars go a long way by adding a physical sign to your store or plaza. When making this decision, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I better served by a sign attached to the building or beside the main road?
  • How large can the design be to reach further travelers?
  • What design does the competition have? Are the colors similar?
  • Can I create smaller signs to erect in different locations?

Every business has different needs. Knowing your market allows you to take advantage of business flow. If, for instance, your business becomes known for its design, then your business recognition grows exponentially. People will not even need to read your sign before knowing it is you! Also, knowing your location helps determine what type of sign format you will need. If your business is beside an overpass, you can draw in more customers with a higher sign or even a sign angled upwards. If you are in a largely commercial district, you want a sign that is easy to see but not so overdone that it makes your business seem cheap. Know your customers and know what designs and colors associate with your business.


Banners are a cheaper, less permanent form of signage. If you run a business with special offers or deals at certain times, then you may need a banner. In tax season, a tax preparing business may want to advertise their services beside major highways. If you have a community group or church, banners are a great way to advertise camps, meetings, and even special services. Need to advertise a fund-raiser or home business? If your business is partially hidden by shrubbery or other obstructions, you may need a banner posted in a potential customer’s line of vision. Often, people driving do not look closely at unknown buildings, but if a bright, enticing banner is along the road, you can possibly bring in a new customer.

Banners can be created in most colors and the material withstands extreme temperatures. There are different materials, but they can last up to 6 months or even 2 years depending on what you choose. Some may choose a banner for a grand opening or even as the signage for the actual business. Our competitive pricing and quick creation, along with our knowledge of marketing strategies, make IMCastleLLC a wonderful choice for your banner and signage needs.

Service Area

IMCastleLLC is based in Alabaster, Alabama. We specialize in advertising and marketing of digital and physical media. Our main target areas are Alabaster, Pelham, Helena, Hoover, Mountain Brook, and Birmingham.