You began your business with an interest and passion in mind. You have worked hard to distinguish yourself and your product or service. Then, you found that you were losing out on some business because your business was not known. Your quality is high and your customer service is unbeatable. Yet, you need something to make you memorable. You need a logo that is specific to your business. You need something that people see and say, “Oh! I know what that is! Those guys are great!”


Think of some of the most successful businesses around: McDonalds, Target, and Nike to name a few. Are these the only businesses that offer a hamburger, clothes, or shoes? Of course not. Yet, almost everyone, including people around the world, knows what these businesses are. Their logo is iconic and timeless. It is not enough to simply have a logo. You need something unique. IMCastle designs logos personally for its customers. We do lettering, font, and even artistic designs. You know your business better than anyone. Now, you just need a way to make it stick out. Adding a design to your signage, cards, or even vehicle, will help you grow.

The Logo

Once you have decided on some potential designs, it is time to begin narrowing it down. How?

  • Are there other designs like it already?
  • Will the color look appropriate on a sign or t-shirt?
  • Should I use a symbol related to my field of work or go for a completely original design?
  • Should my business name be in the logo?
  • Can this logo be easily recognized?
  • Are lower case letters like “I” and “j” recognizable in the logo?

Another great question to think about is your website domain name. Have you created a website with alternate spelling to your business name? Will your web traffic miss the site because your logo or other signage is written differently? As much as you may want an extremely artistic design, it is important to remember that people must be able to understand what is written.

Once you have chosen the final design for your logo, it is time to put it to work. Your logo can be attached to business cards, shirts, buildings, vehicles, stickers, websites, and all manner of objects. Its recognition will bring people back to you. Curiosity may lead some customers to you simply because they have seen the logo. Others will have been comparing businesses or come to realize their need for a service. These customers will choose you because your logo has stood out in their mind. This will allow you to take advantage of your marketing dollars in order to provide your services to customers. If you do not have a logo, today is a great day to begin the process.

IMCastle LLC is based out of Alabaster, Alabama. We offer many advertising services, both digital and physical. We concentrate on west Alabama with a focus on Alabaster, Pelham, Helena, Hoover, Mountain Brook, and Birmingham.