How many times have you noticed commercial vehicles on the road? Chances are, more than you realize. Take a day to drive around and look for car lettering. Once you have made the mental decision to pay attention, you will begin to see how vital it is to advertisement. Car lettering is an affordable way to make your vehicle(s) a moving billboard. Doing it the right way will increase your profits and make your business a locally recognized resource.

The Right Design

Having the wrong design can actually be more harmful than not having a design at all. IMCastle makes customized designs for you. We are able to work with you on a variety of colors, schemes, and ideas. Or maybe you just want the name of your business on the side of a car. That is okay. Choosing the right color for that business name will be important. Some colors are hard to read on different backgrounds. Other colors may blur together and limit your advertisement to within a few feet. You want people to see it from across intersections or in parking lots. If your business is fairly local, then having the name may be enough. If you want to extend your marketing, you can add phone numbers, a location, or even an email to the design. IMCastle works with all shapes and sizes of vehicles. We want the best of visibility for our customers. We also understand that you have a limited advertising budget. That is why we have worked hard to keep our prices low so that you can be pleased with a design without having to spend all your hard earned profits.

Getting Started

Contact IMCastle about our car lettering services. We can talk about options and prices to help you along. If you have a pre-existing design, we are happy to review it and make changes if you desire. If you simply have nothing, that is okay as well. We can design for you and let you decide on the final logo before we begin the process. We care about our clients and the quality of their advertisement. When the logo is finished, we will begin the process of printing and attaching the design to your vehicle. We can do multiple designs on different locations of the car, including the hood and fender. If you have multiple vehicles we can print and work efficiently for all of them. Having peace of mind with your final product is important. Working with a local company allows you to see our previous work and also receive your vehicle back as quickly as possible.

ImCastle LLC is based out of Alabaster, Alabama. We offer many advertising services, both digital and physical. We concentrate on west Alabama with a focus on Alabaster, Pelham, Helena, Hoover, Mountain Brook, and Birmingham.