Your business is moving. You may have an office building or shop, but your services originate with you. Have many conversations have you had with someone who seemed interested in doing business with you to only have them forget your information? Sure, we have smart phones now, but a physical reminder of your business can give you that extra step to stay ahead of the competition.


Having a good business card is all about presentation. You want the basic information: Name, address, phone, email, and perhaps even a general explanation of services offered. Yet, many cards are bland or printed on cheap, flimsy paper. Giving your business card a few colors or even a logo will help it stand out especially when your potential customer may already have some cards in their wallet or desk. Also, having higher quality material printed shows that you care about going the extra step for customers. Nothing you do is below expected quality.

Why a Business Card?

Nothing says “professional” like a personalized business card. It is a very affordable way to improve your business transactions and meetings. If you run into a potential customer or client on the street, it is an easy and unobtrusive way to invite someone to contact you or research your services at a later time. Often, people do not like to make decisions on the spot and they often decide to not do business with “salesman” type personalities. Having a business card will show that you are serious about your work, but that you are allowing the customer to think things through and call a trusted source later on. Not having a business card can find you exchanging numbers haphazardly or writing down information on napkins! Also, it is a great idea to have extra business cards on display in waiting areas or on your own desk. Some people will feel inclined to take a card while waiting and that can produce even more leads for your business. Why a business card when we have internet? While the internet is a main source of information these days, a physical copy of your information raises the quality and competitiveness of your business. It is a tight race and often customers make decisions based on aesthetics or the suggestion of friends. If people do not know about you, then you lose out on the business. Your competitors are already making moves to step ahead and you need every advantage you can have. Business cards offer this step without taking a large sum of money away from your enterprise.

Starting the Process

To create a business card, simply contact IMCastle LLC to get started. We design and print our own business cards. We can help you walk through the process and show you different ideas on what is possible. Once you have agreed upon a great design, we will begin our work. IMCastle has a 5-day turnaround rate on business cards. We charge $80 for 1,000 and can work with you on multiple orders or amounts as required.